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Thank you for helping to launch our Digital Library

Thank you to the following persons who assisted in preparing the documents that launched our Digital Library.

  1. Abygayle Ivey
  2. Jason Jacobs
  3. Tavian Hall
  4. Kyle Sterling
  5. Rishauna Gunning
  6. Neisha K. Brown
  7. Shari Ann Haynes
  8. Shekera Smith

In July of this year (2020), we launched an online repository of Cyber Security and Data Privacy documents which we’ve collected from all over the Internet. Most of those documents are from various businesses who have published educational material on various areas of the industry.

When we first decided to implement the Digital Library, we realized that many of the documents we collected were not named in a very easily identifiable way. As a result through two (2) of our partner G5 cyber Security Inc, and the G5 cybersecurity foundation we had a team of persons in a short space of time to rename every single document using the format of Title – Author – year.

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The Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Association (CSPA) is a registered non-profit organisation working to transform the Caribbean into a Cyber Security and Data Privacy hub for the world.
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