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Dwayne Levien – Why I became a member of the CSPA

Hi, my name is Dwayne Levien and I’m from Jamaica. Here’s why I’m interested in a career in Cyber Security and why I became a member of The Caribbean CSPA (Cyber Security and Privacy Association) Ltd.

My Aspirations started as far back as my high school years when I wrote my first “hello world!” program and saw the text glaring at me from the black screen, and I got that instant Eureka moment, from there my interest was sparked into the world of computers. Subsequent years of studying saw my interest leaning towards Vulnerability Analytics/Penetration Testing. The cyberspace has rapidly increased over the last decade, we now see a world consisting of IoT devices and the need for securing these devices. It has always been a passion of mine to analyse how unwanted access is gained to a computer system and how to spot when a system is compromised and what attackers do to gain access undetected. I explored several online courses that speak to Pentesting, networking and coding. I quickly realised that this is a vast area, and without a sense of direction, you will be aimlessly researching without any clear vision insight.

Cyber Security is a crucial part of any organisation, and as such, I believe it is of paramount importance that organisations structure their business around best practices as it relates to security and has personnel who are properly equipped to mitigate against unwanted threats.

I became a member of the Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Association (CSPA) Ltd because I believe it will aid in my career path and development. The mentorship and educational opportunities that this association provides will foster a community of persons who can shape the next generation of IT Professionals.

This will, in turn, cultivate the habit of continuous learning, thus producing individuals who are well equipped with the required skill set companies are looking for.

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The Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Association (CSPA) is a registered non-profit organisation working to transform the Caribbean into a Cyber Security and Data Privacy hub for the world.
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