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The launch of the CSPA

We’re a little different. you don’t really follow the same rules of traditional IT-related associations. For example, our members don’t pay membership fees. We cover our expenses and support our members through sponsorship from businesses.

On May 13 the Caribbean CSPA was born, incorporated in Jamaica as a non-profit organisation, that supports the Caribbean to develop in Cyber Security and Data Privacy. The vision is to transform the Caribbean into an international hub for Cyber Security and Data Privacy services.

CSPA stands for Cyber Security and Privacy Association. The organisation was founded by Gavin Dennis an internationally experienced Cyber Security consultant originally from Jamaica.

Our goals

We have three (3) main goals:

  • Develop professionals
  • Protect businesses
  • Educate citizens


There are two types of membership. Associate and Professional membership.

  • Associate membership is for those who do not have direct experience or qualification in cyber security or data privacy.
  • Professional membership is for those who already direct experience or qualifications in cyber security or data privacy.

The reason there are two types of memberships is that we support in different ways based on whether someone has experience or a qualification directly related to Cyber Security or Data Privacy.


Sponsorship options are available companies who want to get their business in front of members support the Caribbean CSPA. This is especially beneficial to companies who provide services in cyber security or data privacy because we make it easier for them to connect with their target audience.


The Caribbean CSPA is continuously interested in working with businesses who can support our goals in innovative ways. For example, leave Honda partnerships to develop resources for members such as our Digital Library, Browser Bookmarks, Help Desk, and some of our certifications.

Contacting us

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The Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Association (CSPA) is a registered non-profit organisation working to transform the Caribbean into a Cyber Security and Data Privacy hub for the world.
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