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Hey! It’s Rishauna Gunning

Welcome to Inside the Caribbean CSPA with Daneille O’Neil, today’s member profile feature is Rishauna Gunning, a vibrant, “motivated, determined perfectionist, who always meets her deadlines.” Rishauna has her eyes on a CISCO certification in addition to one in cyber security. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computing, Information Technology and Information Systems and is also the EOS Global Ambassador at Earn on Social.

From her passion for and experience with networking and information systems, she saw where cyber security would be beneficial. It was at this juncture that she discovered the Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Association.

“I saw this group pop up in my WhatsApp school group, and I was like ‘whoa, this is ideal for what I wanted. So, I joined for assistance, networking and to see how best I could link everything together.” – Rishauna

Now, when she said “everything,” she meant it. I asked Rishauna about the areas of cyber security that fascinated her the most and she made note of encryption and decryption, selection, injection, firewalls and so on, mostly the backend aspects of the field. This flows into her dream of being a change agent for Jamaica’s cyber security and being a part of a possible national cyber lab armed with the expertise and experience in both security and protection.

“For me, this is a move that I’ve always wanted Jamaica to make, having that aspect of technology right at our fingertips, just like the US and anywhere else. And if I could be able to be a part of that, then I think that I can make a change. There aren’t a lot of females in technology here, though recently I’m seeing a change. The females can really step up and be a part of those big moves. I think that the younger generation will view technology, coding, networking, security and that comes with it differently.”

So how can joining the CCSPA help with this? It’s a place that has “a lot of opportunities to mingle with the right persons, to help you with studies and offer opportunities to help you grow.”

For those who are interested in cyber security and privacy as well as joining the CCSPA, “having the knowledge when it comes down to computer security and privacy is good, even if you are not looking at a career in it. It’s always good to have the information at hand because cyber attackers are not singling out persons saying ‘oh I’m only going to attack a person who knows about cybersecurity,’ they are targeting everyone, so it’s always good to have the knowledge to protect yourself and your family. This group also gives insight on real-life experiences of professionals in the space. They talk about their work and Gavin shares a lot of information that’s beneficial to anyone doing a degree in computing or similar areas.”

The CSPA, has a wide variety of professional, aspiring professionals and persons with a general interest in the field of cyber security, privacy and beyond. Check us out at

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This interview was conducted and written by Daneille N. O’Neil, MSc. ISM, a freelance writer.

Daneille is also a member of the Caribbean CSPA and a member of Women in InfoSec Caribbean (WISC) by our partner G5 Cyber Security, Inc.

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The Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Association (CSPA) is a registered non-profit organisation working to transform the Caribbean into a Cyber Security and Data Privacy hub for the world.
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